Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shakin' her bon bon

Because we've been doing our Baby Ballroom class (for almost a year now, wow) K has expanded her knowledge of music/songs and dancing. As you know, she LOVES to dance. Loves it. She hears music = she dances. We've never attempted to try and watch the couples dancing on Dancing with the Stars, but I started DVRing it this season, and so far, our girl loves it. It is quite comical to watch her put her hands on her hips and "shake them" (and I honestly! did not teach her that!), or after watching the ladies roll their heads out and about very dramatically, in turn try to roll HER own head quite dramatically. So dramatically after this video clip, that she spun around and crashed into the gate. Ouch. That ended our dancing for this particular night. However, I have no doubt that next week's dancing show will be a hit in this household.

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thoughts and ramblings said...

cutie patootie!!!

Thanks for sharing these videos, soups. they make my day. ((hugs))


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