Monday, March 02, 2009

Keifer tales

Lots going on, as usual, in our little gal's head- always learning and always observing.....

**Let's see, last week, it was finally warm enough to take the puppies for a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. Of course, with the melting snow, it made for a very muddy walk, and consequently, they were both filthy, especially Sager, as she is more low to the ground. After our walks, I prepped Keifer, and we gave each dog a bath: first Sager, then Treble. Our girl K did great "helping" mama! I warned her that the bath was only for the puppies, and then she sat on the towel near the edge of the tub, or else took turns splashing the dogs with water as I rinsed them off. She was so excited to "help" me with this task.
That night, I took out 3 books that I 'd been saving on our overflowing book shelf, about Big Dog and Little Dog. Keifer particularly liked the Big Dog and Little Dog Going For a Walk- as we had JUST taken OUR OWN big dog and little dog for a walk. And low and behold, we also gave them a bath, just like in the book. For the past few nights, Keifer now wants to hold the Big/Little Dog books in HER hands and read them to ME, instead of the other way around. She's a hoot. It's cute to watch, as K tries to hold all her books in one hand, similar to how a teacher might hold the book when trying to read and display it to the kids. Her reading "babble" is quite hilarious, and oh-so dramatic!
**Last week was our daycare provider Elaine's birthday. The night before, we listened as Keifer was singing "Happy Birthday" song, supposedly randomly out of the blue. The next day, as I dropped her off, I realized that it was Elaine's birthday, and the kids must have been talking about it. Elaine later reported that Keifer sang her the birthday song ALL.DAY.LONG, and the next morning (the day after) she was still singing it to her when we arrived at Elaine's house!
**A few weeks back, we were at baby ballroom class. Some of the 3 and 4 year old little guys that were there were running really fast before class started. Keifer observed them from the side of the dance floor, and then very sternly, held her finger out to them and said "Slow Down!".
** One of K's favorite new things to do at home, is "ashes, ashes" with mama (ring around the rosy). She also has a renewed interest in her Little People, especially the animals, and loves to put the kangaroo on the school bus! She also loves to stack pegs on a pegboard, and make towers. "Lookit, mama!!!" she'll exclaim with pride.
**Last Tuesday, CJ and I took our girl to Perkins, as kids eat free on Tuesday nights (and mama had a craving for a pot pie, and Boston Market wasn't close enough! LOL). Being a pancake lover, I thought K would gobble them up. Not so. Instead, she refused her entire meal, and wanted to eat all of daddy's fruit all gone. Oh, wait a minute. She decided the cookie she got as part of her meal was good enough to eat as well. As we were driving out of the parking lot after dinner, from the back seat, she said "bye eat, bye cookie, see you later!", and repeated these phrases over and over. She also says this to wherever we are leaving - for example, leaving Target, we hear "bye shopping, see you later" (or "see you next time!").
**K and I stopped at Target on Saturday for a few items after my hair cut. Seeing Target's sign from her car seat, as we pull off the freeway, she goes nuts, screeching, "yay, shopping", as I've reported before. That night, we stayed at a hotel with my college pals and their families (post to come soon), and as I relaying the story of my girl and I's day of shopping to my friends, Keifer piped up and told them, "I love Target!", all spontaneously! Thatta girl! Mommy loves Target, too.

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Jeni said...

Don't you just love the little lines and phrases they come out with now? It makes the day so much more fun:)


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