Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick house

I feel like I'm always posting about Keifer being sick. Well, she's sick AGAIN. It all started the night we left for my parents up in Duluth (Friday night). We spent the weekend up there - Valentine's weekend- and consequently had a sleepless night on Friday, as she was crying and coughing all.night.long. Saturday night was better, but lots of coughing and crying in her sleep this time. We had brought the Nebulizer, so she's been on those meds since then.

We got home Sunday and she was feverish, so she laid low and then went to bed. She slept better, but when she wakes up, she wakes up SCREAMING for mama, and saying "owie" repeatedly; it just breaks your heart.

I had yesterday off in honor of President's Day, but it was spent in my PJ's, as Keifer was clinging to me like white on rice. She barely napped, and when she did sleep, she awoke only to cry for almost 45 minutes straight. About what? I have no idea. Again, she kept repeating "owie".

She was burning up with fever most of last night, and we did manage to get Motrin or Tylenol in her, although, we had to force Motrin down her throat: mama was sobbing as Keifer was hysterical with us doing this. Uggg.

I stayed home from work today, and just got home from the Pediatrician. Apparently her throat and ears are clear, thank goodness, as are her lungs. She is wheezy/raspy when she breathes, which coincides with this breathing stuff she has. The doc seems to think the fever is viral and recommends just continuing with our neb treatments, and hoping she gets better.

Poor baby.
She was a trooper, though. All the way to the doctor, she kept saying "going to doctor", and as we pulled out, she said "bye, Doctor!", even though she barely made a peep when we were actually inside his office.

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Jamie said...

Poor Keifer. I hope she feels better soon so Mama can get some rest!


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