Sunday, January 18, 2009

The weekend

Well, the weekend was a blur, as usual.

Friday night, the snow started falling, and I went to bed. I knew I was coming down with a cold, and I passed out just as soon as Chris could take over on Keifer duties. It was only 5:30 PM and I was out cold, until 7:00AM the next morning. I still have a majorly runny nose, but feel a little bit better than I did yesterday morning.

Yesterday, CJ and I took K to her first "rock concert" for babies: Elmo's Green Thumb! More to come on that, but she was shell shocked and loved it. The pics really don't do our experience justice.

Then, we had to stop at BRU to pick up a few things ((*coupon time!*)) and then did USA Baby for some early double stroller shopping. Ahhh, the headaches that will bring. LOL. K was with us, so it was a perfect opportunity to throw her in the front, or side, or back of all the doubles we tried out. She wasn't ready for the Sit & stand: she fell backwards (mom of the year here). So far, we are in LOVE with the BOB double, but the price tag is scary. It was really cute, though: K kept trying to push all the strollers, and then she'd say "too big, too big". What? LOL.

It was cute, too, I found CJ researching double strollers on this morning. He is one daddy that really gets into stroller shopping: he went nutso doing it when I was PG with Keifer. And in all reality (really) it's ME that really has to make the final decision, as I AM the one who does most of the walking/pushing the strollers with Keifer (and will in the future). I usually walk the fur kids everyday in the warm weather, and need something easy and light, but sturdy for outdoors; something that I can manhandle two frisky dogs on leashes with!

Today, I got to sleep in a bit (woke up drooling, mouth open and snotty nose, oh-so lovely) and got ready to meet the ECSE girls up in Maple Grove (our usual eating out spot) for a lunch. And what a lunch it was. I miss these ladies- I wish we all lived closer. We sat and ate Mexican (my fave, I could literally drink the salsa, it was so good), and we ended up sitting there for 2 1/2 hours. We made plans for next month, hoping to do a hotel overnight with the hubbies and our kiddos.

I got to stop at Target for some odds and ends, and ended up finding a few cute tops (sweater, sweatshirt) for myself that are in the "regular" section (not maternity) but still look decent, for clearance prices. Score! Then, I got home to find that Keifer had a nasty blow out and wasn't feeling well. Poor K. After some good cuddles, she decided to play hard, and she went to bed at 6:30 again tonight. She had a busy weekend!

Tomorrow I have work off, and K doesn't have daycare, so it'll be a mommy and baby girl day (and fur kids, of course). Then, we'll hopefully get to Baby Ballroom: last week it was canceled due to the nasty weather.


Marketing Mama said...

Hope you feel better soon! We went to see Elmo this afternoon and had a great time... although the beetles were weird!

kristine said...

Sounds busy! Hopefully you're feeling better (or at least you do soon)
I'm interested to hear a recap of Elmo and how much K liked it.

MIP said...

Yuck for being sick, hope you are feeling better soon. Elmo must have been so much fun! I can only imagine how our MR would react.

Alex said...

Have you thought about the Phil&Teds Sport? This is a candian link to it so you can see what its like

We bought it and it is WONDERFUL!! We have a 2 and 4 year old now and my 4 year old loves it, and our son does too. Even our almost 7 year old can fit in it when she gets tired. Its not as wide as the typical double stroller , folds down smaller, and gets so much attention(which is nice to be trendy...but expect to answer questions about it) when you go out. I can't speak highly enough about the stroller, its the most useful thing ever for 2 kids.

Jamie said...

We bought a double stroller at One Step Ahead. We really like it, so easy to push. along.

Hope your feeling better soon.

liz said...

Right Start is having a 20% off sale on all BOB strollers right now! :)

Feel better soon!


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