Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick baby

I picked up K at Elaine's last night, to find her feverish and lethargic. All the kids were getting their outdoor gear on, but poor K was laying her head on a chair and moaning. When she saw me, she climbed on me and moaned,"Mama, mama". Poor girl. She slept the drive home (which she never does) and I put her in her crib. She took some Motrin and 1/2 hour later, she was calling me to get out of the crib. We played for a bit, and she ate some dinner (she LOVED the Morningstar farms mini veggie corn dogs!). Then, we played some more with daddy and I got her ready for bed. There was no fighting bed time, and down she went.

We checked her a few times during the night and she was still warm. I made the call at 5AM to stay home this AM with her, and CJ would take over duties in the afternoon, as I had kids to teach and a grad credit book club class. She was up at 7, and thanks to Tylenol, in a great mood. She didn't want to eat breakfast. However, I laid her down for nap with a bottle of water (beep beep -driving the mommy bus to hell for the bottle) and she slept 2 hours, which she never does anymore, and woke up at 11 burning up. Her temp was in the 101-102 area. Then our girl refused to eat or drink ANYTHING and screamed when we tried to medicate her.

I left for work, and daddy CJ called the nurse line. They said not to worry unless her temp gets to around 105 (which is scary to me), but CJ finally got our girl to drink some Pediasure mixed with some Tylenol (or Motrin- we keep changing off and on). Apparently it worked, because when I called to check on her, our happy, chatty baby was back.
I don't know if it's teeth or if she' s fighting something, but it sure sucks to have a sick baby.

I will try to get our latest pics and dropshots uploaded for you to share in, and my PG updates. It has been a hectic week- we had baby ballroom on Monday night ( K was overjoyed to be back dancing), I had a church growth committee meeting Tuesday night, and last night was sick baby). I'm currently 19 weeks, which blows me away. If you think about it, if I do end up getting a C-section a week before my due date, then technically our soup baby #2 is HALF COOKED ALREADY!! WOW!

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DMB ( said...

Omigosh, those mini veggie corn dogs are one of the FEW things we can get ours to eat regularly! We quarter them for her and she asks us to "open" them for her (take the veggie part out of the breading), then eats them separately. :) I love how their minds work.

Hope K is on the mend for good!


p.s. My word verification right now is "tookies." That made me snicker. :)


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