Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you, mama

Our girl has turned into one polite and well-mannered little one. Lately, she has been saying "thank you, mama" to anything and everything I do for her: buckle her in her car seat ("thank you, mama"), hand her a book or toy from the front seat ("thank you, mama"), fix a toy of hers and give it back to her ("thank you, mama"), give her food or milk ("thank you, mama"). She also frequently will say "Welcome" instead of thank you if she's already TOLD us thank you at some point. :)
Yes, our girl is making us feel so happy and proud. *sigh*.

Also, last night when K was watching mommy go "tinkle", when I was done and flushed the toilet, she started clapping and said, "yay, mama! Good girl!".


kristine said...

Ha ha! That made me laugh - Graycen pats me on the back, says, "Yes! You did it! Good job mommy!" and jumps up and down clapping. Don't you just love it>!?

m said...

just wanted to say thanks so much for your recent comments. knowing so many people care is truly touching.


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