Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our 20 month old girl got a haircut today!

Keifer Lynn got another haircut today. Thankfully, we had Elmo videos playing, we went through 2 suckers, and we had lots of distractions, including a fish in the fishbowl named "Oscar". There was no cape involved: oh no!The girl who cut her hair did a great job, as Keifer was not an easy sell the last few times we've attempted even bang trims. We decided on a stacked bob, much to her daddy's dismay (he wants her to have long hair now), but until it gets thicker, this will be easier to manage and won't get so tangly! Plus, she refuses to keep barrettes in her hair, and pony tails aren't very good at staying for any length of time. I think it looks adorable, and man oh man, it makes her round moon face look even rounder, if that is even possible!
Our girl also turns 20 months today. Four more months and she'll be 2 years old. *gasp* Where does the time go? *sigh*


kristine said...

ADORABLE!! I love that she got a bob!! Too cute! Glad to hear it went well.

Marketing Mama said...

OMG, her hair is soooo cute! And look at all those gorgeous highlights! How did you ever get her to sit still for those? ;)

MIP said...

How beatiful is her hair? And I completely agree on wondering how time flies so quickly, our guy turns 20 months tomorrow and I can't believe that it's a matter of months before we have a two year old!

Soupy said...

Elmo videos, 2 dum dum suckers, no cape, and a comb in her other hand = success! LOL

i am jealous of my daughter's hair color!


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