Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My girl is a shopping fool!

Today, after work, I had to stop at Target to pick up a few things, so Keifer was with me. As we turned into the Target parking lot, she suddenly exclaimed from the backseat: "Shopping, mama, weeeee! Shopping, weeeeeee!!!" After a second delay, she said "where shopping go?", although I didn't understand why she said that, because we were clearly pulling into the lot. What a funny girl.
Oh, my dear, how much you made your mama laugh and her heart soar with your sweetness.

She was so excited to get into Target to shop. She is such a social butterfly. I hope her love of shopping
continues and she's able to help mama in the future, as she is quite the helper these days: garbage helper (picks up things and puts them in garbage), helps mama dust with the Swifter duster (literally follows me like a shadow and imitates all my "dusting moves", helps feed the dogs, and helps turn off and on lights. She would like to help with many other things, but mama and daddy haven't let her get TOO wild and crazy YET. Hee hee.


kristine said...

Everytime I get Graycen dressed, she asks if we are going shopping. I ask her where we should go shopping and she always yells, "TAAAAAAARRRGETTTTTT!!!"

Heather said...

Our Phoebe is 8 years old and she loves to shop, just like her Mommy. She's really excited about the coming twins. I know she's going to be a lot of help!

Piccinigirl said...

A little girl after my own heart. I heart shopping too Keifer!!!! Me too!!


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