Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"More pease, some?"

"More pease, some? Mama? More pease?"

*This is a common phrase these days around our house, as our little angel girl is expanding her requests with us. It's so fun to hear her each day, telling us what she wants and needs. However, sometimes she gets upset with us as we won't give her what she wants! Tonight, it was "more pease, nanas, mama?" Mama was mean, and wouldn't give her her requested bananas (the girl is stopped up the past 2 days, after having constipation). Ahh, what screams we heard.

**Last night, driving home, she called to CJ and I from the backseat: "music, mama, music, daddy!" and proceeded to bop her head in time to the beat of some song on the radio.

***This morning, while I was quickly showering, K was playing on the floor with some of her bath tub toys. When I got out, she moved on to digging through my drawers, which is very typical of her. I don't have anything dangerous in them, and I let her explore, as long as I am right there to monitor her well-being. Today, she found a razor of mine, with no razor blade on it. She closer her mouth, tilted her head back, and started brushing the razor up and down her cheeks. Oh my! The girl was "shaving" just like she's seen her daddy do on a few occasions. Ahhh, Keifer Lynn, you amaze me on a daily basis!


kristine said...

Too cute. Graycen used to think (and still does sometimes) that just because she says please and asks nicely that means she gets it... Sorry my dear..

MIP said...

We have the worst time saying no to the 'pease'. Sometimes he gets really worked up about something that he shouldn't have and he will just shout (and sign) 'Pease!'.

DMB said...

Love it! Amazing how similar our gals are! The other day, I mistakenly left my deodorant on the shelf she can reach, and she went for it, lifted her shirt, and pretended to put deodorant on (with the cap on, thankfully!). She also picks up my spray hair gel, puts it to her head, and says, "CH-CH" to imitate the sound of the spraying. Funny thing is that I'm pretty sure I've NEVER done that around her since I shower before she gets up. Amazing how much they pick up on! Love it!



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