Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worst week ever?

Sunday: Keifer wakes up with her congestion: start neb treatments, etc. etc.

Monday: Mama stays home with her sick girl and takes her to the doctor. Get another prescription for Primacort, and start that on top of the Albuteral.
Come home after doctor to find Treble having a seizure. This is his second that we have witnessed. Mama is a mess with hormones and fears.

Monday night: Mama starts to get a fever and chills, aches, and pains. Hard to focus. Uh oh.

Tuesday: Mama stays home sick and sleeps ALL day long. Keifer goes to daycare and has a good day.

Wednesday: All are apparently healthy in the Soupy home. After work, Daddy takes Treble to the vet. He appears OK at his check up. Waiting for blood test results.

Thursday: Enter K's nursery and find her covered head to toe in vomit. Smelly vomit that has mommy dry heaving the minute she steps foot in the door. Daddy plunks K in the tub for mama to wash. It takes three hair washings to get completely clean. Daddy plunks the laundry in the washer and we Lysol the room. It stinks.
Mama is apparently staying home again. *sigh*.

Please send us healthy vibes. This has just been a really awful week.


Pegs said...

Oohh, Carrie! I truely hope this "week" is almost over for your family. Wish I could help, take care and K feel better soon.

FinnLand said...

Oh man! I got nauseous just reading about the smelly vomit. I hope this is the last day of the sickies and everyone feels better tomorrow.

Jamie said...

This does sound like a pretty awful week. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Journeys of Life Blog said...

Hi Carrie,
I came across your blog finally! I hope your house gets healthy again~ We went through that a few weeks ago with Logan & Rayven :)
Congrats on another baby! Rayven still comes home after she see's you at school and giggles! You are such a wonderful teacher thank you for being there for Rayven :)

~Melissa Christenson

Anonymous said...

Feel better! The week will be all over soon and hopefully the next will see a fresh healthy start in your home!

Piccinigirl said...

OH sweetie, even after my cr*p week, you still win. OH MY GOSH, I'm so sorry, that is one heck of a week.
I am sending all the "feel better" vibes I have left after my own kiddos being sick. I can't imagine smelling that in my first trimester or any other one for that matter. You Poor Girl.
Sending lots and lots and lots of hugs.

Jamie said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog, and usually don't comment but when I read this last post I felt compelled ( :

I wanted to say that I have a dog that has seizures too(now under control with med's). I know how scary it is to watch your pooch have seizures and at the same time be pregnant and have a toddler running around. It's very stressful.

I found a lot of help from a website called Guardian Angels They are very knowledgeable and so helpful.

I'm sorry for your yucky week, I sure hope you all feel better soon.

MIP said...

That is an awful week, hope everything gets resolved soon and everyone starts feeling better!

Heather said...

I hope everyone gets better over this weekend and you and relax. (((Hugs)))


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