Saturday, November 29, 2008

We had plenty of reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving

One of our Number 1 reasons: Keifer Lynn, our angel miracle girl.
So big at 19 months. This is the first time she allowed me to give her piggies and she actually KEPT them in! Keifer is a total daddy's girl -can you tell? She loves to kiss and hug everyone- and makes sure nobody is left out! Helping feed the puppies Playing "Night night" with daddy *shhhh* - then she'd break into "Are you Sleeping"
Great Auntie Wanda is so much fun! *while Uncle "Car" looks on *Carl**
Sassy needed a break from all the good timesMama & K passed out on the drive home (5+ hours with her in the backseat- Oye)
We truly have a lot to be thankful for this year- our family, our health, our friends, our dogs, and especially, the miracle of having Soup baby #2 inside me, growing each and every day! We spent 3 days up north at CJ's parents house, where we overindulged in food and shared many good times. Keifer was not lacking for attention, being the only child there, and she was sooooo good! She was her hambone self, and loved entertaining and sharing kisses and hugs with her family!
Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! We are blessed to know you are out there sharing our story and giving us the support and love we cherish! :)


FinnLand said...

Pigtails + pink dress = ADORABLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Soup Family!


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