Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas came early for Keifer

Christmas came a bit early this past weekend for Keifer. Papa Jim and Nana Marge splurged and got her the new Elmo Live doll. This Elmo is insane: he can sing, dance, tell jokes, cross his legs, and gets our girl smiling and dancing. When she first saw him at Target a few weeks back, I literally got tears in my eyes at her look of pure AWE (hormones, anyone?).
So thank you, Papa & Nana, for the gift that Keifer loves and loves each day. She hugs Elmo everytime she plays with it.

big hugs
Mama! It's ELMO!

Here's a video of Elmo and Keifer getting to know each other:

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Anniep said...

LOL, that's hysterical! What'd the dogs think of it?

MIP said...

So adorable! I wonder if our little guy would like this Elmo...might be mentioning it to the grandparents:)


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