Thursday, October 09, 2008

Surfing Skype: calling Papa & Nana

Or as Keifer likes to say: "Papanana" all in one fell swoop. Our girl (as I've mentioned previously) LOVES her Papas and Nanas. Whenever she hears our computer's Skype phone ringing, she starts shrieking, "Papa! Papa!" and runs to the computer. She now associates the computer with her beloved grandparents, and each time we chat with them, our girl can usually be depended on to share some "Mwah" kisses with them, when she's not taking breaks to run around the living room like a wild banshee.

Keifer is starting to use 2 word short phrases consistently, and is singing even MORE songs lately, if that's even possible. Her favorite phrases now are "hi, ____", (baby, Sage, mama, daddy), and "bye, _____". She's also describing things "big truck!" and can be found looking for sympathy each and every time she bumps any body part on something. She will rub the spot, make her pouty face and say "owie". The other night at Baby Ballroom, she noticed the dirt on the bottom of her bare feet, and she took a break to try and wipe them off. "Dirty" she kept saying. She'll hold her hands out to me and say this at dinner time, too "dirty". But, the most common phrase CJ and I hear about 200 billion times a day? "Want Elmo, want Elmo, want Elmo". *sigh*.

Hmm, this is what mama or daddy does when they sit here.
And then they click this thing they call a mouse.....
..and there is Papa & Nana on the computer screen!

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LutherLiz said...

Very cute! I tagged you if you need some blog fodder before the big reveal on Monday. We're all praying for you guys!


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