Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One embryo left

We just received the letter from the embryologist today in the mail.
Out of the 11 that were "still going strong" on our 5 day transfer day, only 1 embryo made it to freeze. Out of 11. For some reason, my heart has dropped a little in my chest. I'm not sure why. We didn't have any leftovers the first time, and I didn't need any. This time, I'm a little nervous. What if we don't have a successful cycle? We have one embryo left, and will that be able to be the life we want instead?
Trying to not think negative, and think of the fact that most likely we won't need to worry about leftovers........but it's hard, man. It's hard.


Jonathan and Tara said...


I hope you already have two little mini K's growing in your belly :)

Tara @ www.twolinesonastick.com

Wendy and Karen said...

OMG, I'm nervous just reading this. You hang in there Chicka. We're sending you lots of prayers, sticky thoughts and huge hugs.

Pegs said...

My hope is that "one" won't be needed. I'll do the worrying for you. You stay positive.

With Love, Pegs

kristine said...

I'm with everyone else - hope it's not needed. I'd say don't think about it, but obviously, easier said than done.


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