Friday, September 12, 2008

First day of school...and Fall is in the air!

Our girl is 17 months old,as of Wednesday, and is loving the cooler weather just as much as Mama and Daddy. She got a new hat from Nana Di last weekend, and seems to love wearing it! Isn't it cute?
Here she is telling me to stop with the camera: enough! (see, she does get cranky, too!)
CJ and I started an Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Drop-In class with our girl on Wednesday evening, from 6:00-7:30. She loved it. She especially loved the sensory table and pushing different types of "push" toys around the big gym. Our girl is definitely a toddler: she made sure whatever she had touched was off limits to everybody else!
Here she posed with mama upon request: I asked her if she was ready for school, and she said "cool" (school), and then said "Cheese" so we could take the picture. She is obviously used to the camera (ha ha).

Where did our baby girl go? She's so big *(sniff)*
K enjoys watching mama get ready for work in the AM, and loves to sit "up, up" on the toilet. Can you tell she's a hambone?

And as mentioned previously, she loves to brush with her Elmo Toothbrush (although mama helping does not go over well)
Here, our girl sat on her favorite bottom step, and looked right at CJ and said "Cheese!". He said, "oh, you want your picture taken?", so got out the camera. Is she going to be a model someday?
I call this "monkey girl reading" because she uses her feet so often to help prop up books. LOL.
And, after a hard day, and relaxing on the couch with a good book, there's nothing as satisfying as biting it with your sore teething gums!


kristine said...

I just love that hat!!! I would love one - do you happen to know where she got it?

Soupy said...

K - Gymboree! :)
It was on sale last week!

kristine said...

I think we may have to stop in there tomorrow and take a look... Even if it's not on sale. It's A-dorable!!!

MIP said...

She is so big! Our mister loves to brush, but always unassisted as well.


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