Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keifer's 15 month stats

Keifer had her 15 month check up this AM: after waiting 30 minutes in the lobby with a busy toddler who isn't feeling well, we finally saw our doctor. Apparently, the teen aged girl ahead of us refused her shots and had to be held down by her mom. Interesting.

It's not a surprise, but K remains at the top of her growth chart. I had thought she'd weigh more than she does because she gets damn heavy in my arms, but she's solid.

She didn't get shots today, because even with Tylenol, she still had a 101.7 temperature. She's dealing with a summer cold that Papa Dale now has and Mama is starting to get. Fun times. So, no shots today but we'll get them at her 18 month check up (they're just boosters anyways).

Our girl's stats:
Weight: 27 lbs, 9 ounces -- 97%ile
Length: 33 1/4 inches -- 97%ile
Head (that big Soupy head): 19 1/4 --97%ile

She' s doing fantastic for all her developmental milestones, especially her language skills, which wasn't a surprise, but yet it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. We have until 18 months to drop the bottle completely (oh Lordy, I hope that goes well, as our girl LOVES to have her bottle at bedtimes). I know she shouldn't so I've been watering them down and brushing her teeth whenever she wakes up to help hold off the teeth germies.

A pic with mama (rare because I'm usually taking them)Enjoying a juice box Playing with cousin Austin and his carsGreat Gma H.
Matching outfits with cousin Aubrie


kristine said...

NIce big girl! I'm sorry she's sick. That bites!
You know, I hate to say this, but Graycen is 22 months old and still not off teh bottle completely. She nowhas a bottle of water when she goes to bed. Some nights she wants it, some she doesn't. I figured we will let her decide when she's done. If it's comforting to her, then I say let her have it. The doctor just doesn't know she still has it ;-) LOL!
I love the pic of you and her, it's absolutely adorable!

Jonathon said...

Congrats on a great checkup! And I am sure Keifer isn't bummed at all about waiting on those shots ;)

Bailey still gets a bedtime bottle too. Our doc wanted her completely off the bottles at 12m but I kind of ignored that. I don't see what it hurts, really. And we brush her teeth right after she finishes drinking. Did your doctor say why it matters?

Tara @

Soupy said...

Tara- she said she wants her off byt 18 months, because after that age, it gets more of a "severe" attachement. Personally, I'm fine w/her being a baby, etc, but who knows. We'll see how it goes.......if it relaxes her and she doesn't have the nuk (never took it) nor does she suck her fingers/thumb, then I see no harm, but we'll see. :(

Wendy & Karen said...

Wonderful update with great pictures!

Oh, and congrats on the good IVF news!


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