Monday, June 23, 2008


Keifer and I (and the pup pups) are home after a whirlwind long weekend trip up North to visit Papa Dale and Nana Di. We arrived on Friday around lunch time and got home today around 3. I have plenty of pictures to update and things to talk about concerning Keifer; I have been very bad in posting about her milestones and all the changes she has been making. I'm finding that staying home with a very active 14 month old is exhausting and at night, all I want to do is sit and veg out. Keep hanging in there - more to come soon! But know that our girl is an exciting flower to watch blossom: her love of music and dancing and being social with people out in public is a joy to behold.
And an FYI: we showed up on Wednesday for our first Baby Ballroom class, only to find that the class had been post phoned a week and I never received the email announcing the delay. All I can say is: oye. Forty minutes to drive one way and an empty class. At least K was a good girl during the drive!
Updates SOON! I promise! In between Mama's social calender! LOL

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kristine said...

Too bad about the class! Can't wait to hear how it does go when the class actually is in session!!


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