Monday, June 30, 2008

Pool girl

K has been swimming at Elaine's when she goes there on Thursdays, and gets her weekly swim lesson as well. Elaine told us that she loves it "like a little fish", and I've seen that firsthand when I've taken her to Lifetime to swim. I've taken her two times now alone, and whoa, do I get a workout. Before swimming, during swimming, and trying to change the girl from wet clothes into dry ones to get home. Whew. She usually loves to sit in the zero-entry zone and splash and laugh to her hearts content, and then eventually we wade out into deeper waters, where I work on putting her on her back, like they've been doing in swim lessons.

Sometimes, it's also fun for mommy to get some social time in, too. Last time we went to the pool last week, we made new friends with 10 month old Elsie and her mom, who is also a teacher. I hope to run into her again soon.

Today, I had about 4 or 5 different moms commenting to me about how cute K was in her suit and how fun she looked, splashing around initially in the zero-entry part. I love that at this pool, I don't feel like I stick out with my mom bulge hanging out the front of my suit (no matter how much weight I've lost, I still have the excess 'roll' of skin that hangs out when I bend over; makes me want lipo for that one chunk). I also love that about 97% of the people at the pool are so friendly and make idle chit chat with me, because I find that alone I'm very self-conscious and somewhat shy. And, also, because I am self-conscious, I find myself making stupid comments about nothing to random strangers. LOL.

However, after she spent a few minutes splashing in the zero-entry zone, K decided she didn't want anything to do with me today; she turned into a total monster. It all started out pleasant enough, but suddenly she was feeling brave and wanted to be independent. Not possible when you cannot walk alone yet, and if you crawl away from mommy into the deeper water, you end up with a face full of water, choking and sputtering. So, we spent most of our day walking back and forth along the side of the pool, me holding her as she chanted her "go, go, go" and toddled along, beaming at all the kids in the pool beside her. I attempted deep end swimming with her, but she screamed and tried to wiggle away from me: she wanted nothing to do with mommy's ideas. Oh no. It was all "big girl for Keifer" time today. And now, because of it, mommy's back and arms are exhausted. Just in time for our 2nd Baby Ballroom class tonight. Uh oh, I better go rest up!


kristine said...

Miss Independent!

I can't wait to hear about hte ballroom class.

Marketing Mama said...

Sounds like fun... well, except for today!


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