Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello? Is anyone home??

Where are you? WHO are you? I see you are reading- especially over on the other side of the world!! Who are you and say hello! I write and post about our girl and wonder who is reading! THANK YOU!


Laura said...

I'm still a regular reader... although, I know I rarely comment. My time online is limited. I really enjoy all your posts and will try to comment more often! :)

Jamie said...

I've come out of lurking before, and still enjoy reading your blog. I too will try to comment more often.

Keifer is a such doll and I wish you all the best in your journey for baby #2.

Jamie in AZ.

DMB said...

You know I'm here! :) Gotta get my K fix!


kristine said...

You also know I am here! I definitely leave my comments! I check *at least* twice a day to see if anything new has been added!!

Nada said...

I am reading from the other side of the world! I cam accross your blog whilst doing some research on kids books- and kept on reading! I love the fact that you expose Keifer to so many different books. I will try and comment more often- sorry.


Marketing Mama said...

I'm still here, too. I rarely comment anymore because there are way too many posts! They are all so cute, so how do I decide to comment on just one and not the other? If you posted less frequently, I'd probably comment more. Sorry - I know that sounds backwards, but it's the truth.

Anyways, your K. is soooo cute. I'm off to go comment on a few other posts you did in the last couple days I really liked.

Jennifer Prince said...

We still read all the time about the Soupy clan!!!

Wendy & Karen said...

You know I love ya!

I know posting can get hard and you long for the comments. Keep posting. We love you and think you and your family are awesome.

liz said...

I'm terrible about commenting (in everyone's blog, not just yours!), but I am reading along! :)


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