Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We are home!

We are home! We were delayed leaving Cancun (of course, grrr) but we landed at 8:30PM tonight and breezed through customs, etc.. I'm exhausted but we have tons of emails to sort through, pictures to upload, and the big bonanza: K's one year birthday tomorrow! I'm already in tears of joy and anticipation (I started getting teary as we were landing) but unfortunately, I have to work early Thursday AM. *sigh*. K's bday "snack" hoopla is tomorrow afternoon, so CJ and I will be there for pictures.
Anyhoo, I must unpack. MANY pictures to come. A wonderful, stress-free time was had by all! I had a blast but we missed our girl TERRIBLY. It literally hurt my heart to be away from her. It didn't help that there were babies and toddlers at the resort, and one little 9 month old girl had K's swimsuit!!

Stay tuned for our updates and for our Bday memory post!

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Michele (Moosh) said...

So glad you're home safe and sound! I missed you (knowing that I couldn't talk to you if I wanted to!) I started calling you driving home from PT the other day and felt like such a dunce. LOL

I can't believe KLC is one. OH.MY.GOSH. Seems like yesterday I was bawling on the phone with Chris, and in reality it was 365 days. CRAZY!!!!!!

Love you all.


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