Sunday, April 13, 2008

The "smash" cake

This is after we sang Happy Birthday to our girl. This was her 3rd time hearing the song, and it didn't really faze her, despite having about 30+ family and friends surrounding her. Daddy gave her her "smash" cupcake , and she went to town. I think all would've been fine, had daddy not did the whole "peek a boo" thing to her. *sigh*. Ahh, K. She even had blueish purple up her nose after. We plunked her in the tub after this, and had our backup duckie onsie ready for wearing. LOL. What an awesome day.

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MIP said...

Too cute, only babies can pull off frosting face

Piccinigirl said...

OMG, you are such a CUTIE!!!!


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