Thursday, April 03, 2008

Random thoughts as my mind is racing

My mind is going 50 million miles per second right now. We leave tomorrow AM at a decent time for Cancun, and this week has been a blur of CJ and I preparing for our trip, for K's week with Nana and Papa, getting a will ready, etc., and also trying to plan for the big ONE YEAR birthday bash we'll be having on April 12, the Saturday after we arrive home. Whew.


The other day, I gave K her brush to hold as I changed her diaper. Changing her is like changing a cheeky monkey. She is non-stop action. She typically wraps her little (long!) legs around my arms as I'm changing her, and will use those wrapped legs to flip her body over mid-pants change! LOL. Anyhoo, I gave her the brush the other day, and she immediately put it up to her hair and started trying to brush it! I couldn't believe it! I didn't realize how much she is catching on to! She continues to make us smile each day with new tricks like this. Another fun new thing we've been doing is brushing her teeth, which she enthusiastically seems to enjoy! She is so fun!


This AM, she woke up earlier than she usually does, so we were forced to turn the TV on in hopes to entertain her while we got ready for work. I have come to the realization that our girl doesn't really care for TV or cartoons, unless 1)there is live action (people, animals) with singing and some sort of dancing or movement, and 2) the only cartoon she seems to prefer is Little Einsteins, which, if I were to choose, would be one of the few I'd like her to like (for the music and live adventures they take).


When CJ buckles her in her car seat every AM as we leave for Elaine's, lately, we've been giving her a bottle for her drive. This AM, since she was up earlier, she had a few sips of a bottle and didn't seem to want one as she was crawling around the house. However, the minute he buckled her in, she looked at him, and clearly said "ba ba?". So, mama got her the bottle and she giggled with glee and accepted the bottle with open arms. *sigh*.

I've noticed lately that because my work toilet and sinks are now automatic, that sometimes when I'm out in public, I will stand in the toilet stall, waiting for the automatic flush, and then grimacing that I must attempt to do it (my foot is what I use, as I'm a germ-a-phone). I will also find myself standing at the sink, hands under the faucet, waiting for the water to automatically come on. Ahhh, the little things in life we get used to. LOL.

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Michele (Moosh) said...

Awwww, Keif!!!

And LOL--I'm a foot flusher, too!

Germaphobes unite!!!


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