Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shining Star

Keifer got a stuffed puppy for Christmas, called a Shining Star, and with this special pal, you're able to name a star, and even pick the constellation that the star is in.
Today, mommy finally got her act together, and I named K's star. Of course, I named it "Keifer's Star" and it's located in the constellation of Centaurus. I figured, since my astrological sign is the Taurus, I'd have better luck remembering where my girl's new star is located. They also asked her to name her special stuffed puppy, so if honor of her name for the fur kids, I named it "Pup Pup". *smiles* I'll be printing out the constellation with the location of K's new star, but I hope you all wish upon her star and have good things happen to you!

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