Tuesday, March 25, 2008

K's latest favorite book!

I picked up this book at Marshall's a few weeks ago, as a gift for a co-worker who is due any day now. I got one for K as well, and wow, am I glad I did. This is her new "book of choice". It's called Baby Talk, and it's a very simple, lift the flap book, with six different babies and simple words associated with daily activities (peek-a boo, yum yum, mama, etc.). The other day, K turned the pages all by herself and for the first time, (appropriately!) said "Yum!". *swooning* My heart, my heart! She also seems to prefer the "mama" page, and kept repeating "Mama, mama", which was music to my ears. Get it!
Here she is listening to Auntie Auntie read it to her! This girl is a book worm already (just like mama)

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