Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Prayer request for Mooshie

I just read this about Mooshie on our message board, so if you could take a second and say a prayer for her, we'd appreciate it. Let's hope its nothing!

My calf is very swollen and even my pant leg brushing against it is excruciating. It's been like this for several days, so I think it's just blood and fluids pooling. Anyhow, my leg is turning purple and mottled and my symptoms indicate that this may be a blood clot.

My dad is on his way over to take me to the hospital for a specialized ultrasound.

I'm just a little on edge as my friend passed away suddenly from a blood clot this summer, as did a relative of mine a couple of years ago.

Like I said, I'm sure I'm fine....but you all know how much I believe in the power of prayer!

(and any extra prayers for a more speedy recovery would be awesome--I'm again rejecting my stitches so still have open wounds, still cannot take any pain meds and am not healing as quickly as I should be even though I'm on nearly constant bedrest, ice and elevation. I just want to be part of my kids lives again.


LutherLiz said...

How scary. i hope it is nothing serious and I'll keep her in my prayers.

kristine said...

That must be scary. I hope all is ok.


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