Monday, February 04, 2008

Danger: Baby Shampoos, lotions, and powders

I just read this article on the danger of chemicals called phthalates in baby shampoos, lotions, and powders. I had heard this information this summer, and had already changed K's shampoo and lotions to Aveeno products, but this just makes me even more worried about everything. This summer, I read some articles on the dangers that lie within the products used in our homes,and it has made me so much more aware of what we are using in our home with K around.

This is an email I have saved, and I'll share it with you. Basically, I've just been trying to use Method products that they sell at Target for cleaning, or the Seventh Generation products. We have a TON of Johnson Baby Shampoo products, and although its on the list as having some different chemicals in it, I'm not sure what to do.

Here is the list. Does anybody have anything to add to this?

Is Your Home Healthy?

According to the book, The Safe Shoppers Bible, here is a list of common household products that contain known carcinogens and/or neurotoxins. Carcinogens are chemicals that cause cancer. Neurotoxins are chemicals that adversely affect the nervous system reducing emotional well being, mental alertness, coordination and other functions associated with intelligence.

Lysol disinfectant (all scents)
Renuzit Air Deodorizer
Bon Ami Foam Cleaner
Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaner
Formula 409
Pine-Sol Multi-Action Spray
Pledge Household Cleaner
Simple Green
Spic & Span Cleaner
Scotts Liquid Gold
Lemon Pledge
Tilex Soap Scum Remover
Glass Plus
Ajax Cleaner
Gillette Foamy Skin Conditioning
Speed Stick Deodorant
Soft Soap
Secret Deodorant
Johnson's Baby Shampoo

S.O.S. Ammonia Glass Cleaner
Dawn Sureshot
S.O.S. Vinegar Cleaner
Joy Dishwashing Liquid
Windex Glass Cleaner
Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
Shout Aerosol & Stick
Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid
Spray & Wash Stain Remover
Kleen King Aluminum & Copper Cleaner
KR2 Spot Lifter
Behold Furniture Wax
Depend-o Blue Toilet Cleaner
3M Aerosol Spot Remover
Formby's Lemon & Almond Spray
Most Home & Garden Pesticides

Right Guard Deodorant
Ponds Dry Skin Bar
Palmolive Skin Bar
Lady Speed Stick
Lever 2000
Irish Spring Deodorant
Lifebouy Soap
Jergens Liquid Soap
English Leather
Ban Roll-on
Caress Body Bar
Ultra Brite Toothpaste
Cepacol Mouthwash
Crest Tartar Control
Listerine Original & Cool Mint
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
Colgate toothpaste
Scope Mouthwash
Old English Furniture Spray
Dove Soap Bars
Is Your Home Healthy?

To find out what's lurking on your shelves, go to the National Institutes of Health Library of Medicine Household Products Database. You can search almost any brand of cleaner you use, find out what's in it, and uncover its links to health effects. Or search by chemical ingredients (see list below for some examples) and discover what brands contain it.
Chemical ingredients to look out for:
Sodium Hydroxide
Hydrochloric acid
Butyl cellosolve (2-Butoxyethanol)
Bleach (sodium hypochlorite)
Sulfamic Acid
Petroleum distillates
Sulfuric acid
Lye (potassium hydroxide)


Jennifer Prince said...

Ok, this scares me. Especially the Simple Green :(

Marketing Mama said...

I heard about this a couple months ago (before it hit mainstream media I guess) and it freaked me out. We quit using Johnson and Johnson baby products because of it - so no more sweet "baby" smell for my babies! Now we use California Baby products - I buy the super sensitive wash/shampoo. They sell it at Target and where I do all my diaper shopping these days.

There was a similar scare about baby bottles having agents in them that cause cancer in rats, or something like that. I still haven't figured that one out and found a replacement.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the list, I have been searching for one.

Our girls have such sensitive skin, I've pretty much always used Aveeno Products, but the now the no more tanlges for my 2 year old will have to go.

Thanks again!!

kristine said...

Wow... I don't like that J&J is in the middle of the list. That's pretty much all we use. Thankfully when there was all of that stuff about the bottles we didn't have to switch since our bottles were on the "safe" side. I will have to post this on my blog as well. Thanks for sharing it.

lopku said...

I read an article where they actually tested all these baby products for the chemical. There was only like four that didn't have the chemical in it. I believe Aveeno does have it and among other things. I switched to Earth Mama Angel baby shampoo bc that was one of the ones that were good on the list. They have the plastic number on the bottom of the bottle and I think anything over three is good for not haveing the chemical.

I know that Born Free bottle and sippy cups are good for not haveing the chemical, or medela for those out there that are wondering.

ecb said...

Hey, you should check out the Safe Mama blog. I'm expecting my first and this stuff can be overwhelming! I really like the cheatsheets and the glossary - my one stop for trying to figure out if something is acceptably safe or not.


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