Saturday, January 12, 2008

Soupbowl Dish

Just some random thoughts as they come to me tonight- we've been busy busy in the Soupy house hold, as our big girl is growing bigger and bigger by the day.

Sad news - no more infant chair for our girl - with her strapped in. As I was getting ready after showering this AM, I had my girl in her chair next to me, playing with her assortment of toys. Suddenly, I saw the chair flip out of the corner of my eye , and she literally flipped the chair head over heels. She was strapped in, and I caught her just as she was hitting the floor, so no damage was done. She was more confused than anything, and I had her giggling away as soon as I flipped her in the chair right side up again. Does anyone else get the song by the Go Go's Head Over Heels in their head when you read about this? Hmmm. Luckily, this is an "newborn to toddler" rocker, but until she figures out her balance and how to actually SIT in a chair without toppling out of it, we'll be shelving this. Can you believe how SMALL our BAB (*Big Ass Baby*) was at one point in time? This was from her 1 month old picture file. WOW. One month old here, eight long yet short months ago. Look at those chicken legs! The chicken was replaced by some serious chunk.

We'll be baby proofing like crazy this week. Now that our girl is confident in her rolling abilities, and is STARTING to slowly inch her body along like an inchworm, she is starting to explore her world like never before. Today, we had 2 pictures tossed aside on our shelves, and I caught her looking for a movie inside our VCR. LOL. As soon as I called her name, she immediately flipped, as if "hey, it wasn't me!".

Mama got a massage today- a much needed massage. I'm anxious to see how much our BAB weighs at her 9 month check up next week, because my back and shoulders and hips are guessing about 25 lbs. Whew. I have some serious tension knots going on (and tapping away on the keyboard doesn't help matters). Before K was here, I used to indulge in frequent massages, as a way to keep my stress and depression at bay, and just to enjoy that relaxing tranquility it can bring. I've had only a few since last summer, and today was like the old days of good massage. I managed to start to fall asleep and caught myself with that "snore snort" that you might do, as you catch yourself falling. LOL. It was heaven. *sigh*. I even snuck in an hour nap this afternoon when K was napping.

However, speaking of her napping, or sleeping for that matter, the past few nights have been awful for all of us. We're thinking it's teething, but she's been waking up screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night, and did it again today during her afternoon nap. Ouch on all our ears, and poor girl. We give her some Motrin to hopefully fend off the pain, but I've noticed that our girl seems to get jacked UP on Motrin, as you can see in this video clip. This doesn't even really do her crazy attitude justice. She is just plain old WHACK lately. It makes us laugh our arses off, though.

And here's a picture that pretty much sums up how I usually spend my Friday evenings. Passed out cold, and usually with the two dogs wrapped up with me on the couch. Ahh, the life of a 33 year old on a Friday night- pretty wild times, huh? I wouldn't change it for the world!

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