Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year: New Tooth

Our girl is getting her first tooth! Finally. She has been flashing some uber-white gums at us lately, and last night while I was feeding her a bite of her fruit, I felt the rough tip of a baby tooth starting to peek out.
There's a tooth in there! It's her bottom right front tooth, (our left),and any attempts at actual photo documentation of it was unsuccessful. But it's coming. Watch out!

And damn, it's cold out. Eleven below ( -11) when I went to the Dermatologist this AM for my check up on my face (where I had the basal cell carcinoma). Um, even now, my fingers are freezing INSIDE our house! BRRRRRRRRR.


Jennifer Prince said...

Yay for the tooth!!

Missy said...

Great news! Have you heard of amber teething necklaces? We had one and it really helped with fussiness and drooling - this is where we got ours - there is a description there of how they work...

She can also make them with lighter colored stones, and even mix in some little pearls or other stones to make them more girly.


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