Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

Poor Tboy and Sass. This cold has got them shaking in their paws when it comes time to go outside. Yesterday, after we arrived home, poor Tboy had to go #2 in the worst way. But, the cold was interfering with his speed of deposit. He did his circle dance, slowly creaking as the cold invaded his bones. He appeared to be having some difficulty doing the deed, so I hurried him in the house briefly, so he could recharge with some heat. He liked that, and after a minute of me rubbing his body down, getting the circulation going, he raced back out and did his 'bidness". Yay. Poor guy.
Sass, on the other hand, has begun reverting to her puppy behavior. She is terrified of going out in the cold, and has started leaving us little accidents once in awhile in the basement. I get VERY angry with her, and she knows darn well why I'm mad at her - so she'll slink up to me on her belly, all meek and ears back. Damn this cold. I wish the warmer weather was here sooner than later.


Jennifer Prince said...

LOL! My dogs won't go out in the rain. My pug does his business on the porch *insert angry face*. Silly dogs...

Ahuva Batya said...

Dade and Dora can so relate! I'm actually loving the fact that I don't have to call twice to get them to come back into the house. But they're super hyper from not getting their daily walks.


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