Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random thoughts on Sunday night

  • When K is eating her dinner at night, I try to incorporate a little "mood" music. I like to listen to Baby Mozart, (*my fave is #12*), Lovely Baby Magic 2, or Josh Groban. Yes, Josh. I've always had a soft spot for Josh, as has Marge (my MIL), and when she got his CD this Spring (Closer), we burned it. K and I like to listen to it, especially "When You Say You Love Me", in which mommy gets teary eyed and starts day dreaming about when K says she loves us, and how sweet will that be. *sigh*. Yes, I've always been a sap like that with music. Speaking of which, does anyone remember when Josh was on Ally McBeal? I vaguely remembered him singing at a high school prom, so of course, I googled it, and found it. And, of course, sap that I am, the hair on my arms stood up, I got the chills, and got all teary eyed just listening to him. Man, do I have a crush or what? LOL.

  • Keif is continuing to bite on the spout of her sippy cups, which we give to her after every meal. It's fun to watch her explore it, but we get frustrated along with her when the liquid she wants isn't coming to her expectations. She continues to work on this.

  • Mommy went shopping this afternoon at our new Cub foods, literally 3 blocks or so away. I had FUN - yes, FUN! - grocery shopping. Who knew shopping for food with a baby in mind could be so fun? And when is organic food going to be expanded in "regular" grocery stores? *hurmpf*

  • Keif continues to also boggle our minds in the fact that she seems to NOT like sweets! Crazy, huh? She isn't really digging her baby food lately, or anything resembling anything fruity or sweet. I got her some yummy Yo-Baby with cereal today, and I was loving it, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Silly girl.

  • I'm in the middle of reading "Middlesex" for a book club (for credit!) that I'm doing through my school district, and about 4 pages into it, I realized: I've read this before! LOL. No clue of remembering when exactly that was, but it made me laugh. I know I like to read, but I usually DO remember what I've read when I pick up a book. This is nuts to me. I must have read it during the time I was burning through Oprah's book picks, back when she first started doing it. Back in the early 2000's (LOL).

  • I had a book on hold at the library, so I returned the one I just finished (*"The View from Mount Joy" by MN author Lorna Landvik - thumbs up on this one from me*) and I picked up "Slummy Mummy". As I was leaving, I noticed the library still had their wall of used books on sale - $1 for hardcovers and $.50 for soft covers. I randomly shuffled through the kids section and low and behold *surprise surprise* I walked out with 6 new hardcover books for K's collection, excited as all get out. LOL. Told you, book addiction. It is bad. Too bad I only had $6 in cash, or else I'd be lugging home half the bookshelf there. HA. I got some cute books. Jingle Bells (which I'll bring to work and share with my kids this week), Big Dog and Little Dog Wearing Sweaters (to add to the other Big Dog and Little Dog books we already own), The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (like brand new! for $1!), Daisy 1 2 3, Ten Silly Dogs: A Countdown Story, and Day Care Days (which is adorable in the pictures and text, and sweet about how mom and dad love me even though I go to daycare where I have fun). Whew. I was on a high all day after those scores. And yes, you are correct on the doggie theme addiction, too *wink wink*.

  • The puppers are always waiting for K to give them some droppings, and they are usually very patient in waiting for their turn to clean up the highchair mess. Last night, Treble had us in stitches LOL as he jumped INTO the high chair, all 4 paws barely fitting. He didn't seem too keen on that, and promptly jumped down. Aww, our boy. He is a hoover.

  • See how patient they are? Our number 1 and number 2 kids: Sass and Tboy

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