Friday, December 14, 2007


Our girl likes to read, as we all know. CJ and I started reading to her when she was in my belly, myself reading aloud nearly everyday at work with my kids (along with the singing, dancing, and acting like a fool). CJ would read to my belly nearly every night, and lay his hand on it, and tell Keifer that he loved her and good night. Ever since she was just born, I've been reading books to her, which has clearly made an impression, as she's able to turn pages, hold books in her hands independently,and she now seems to know when the end of her everyday books are upon us. Every night, I read the same 3 prayer/thankful books to her in a row, and then I choose a few more for variety. Well, as we go through those 3 routine books, she turns the pages at the correct time, giggles out loud at them, and when the ending comes up,she literally will push the books out of my hands! And, she doesn't' seem as interested in whatever other books I start reading to her as those 3.

Last night, CJ and I were on the living room floor with K, while she was playing with her stacker rings (which seem to be her favorite toy). She noticed CJ had some writing on his Tshirt ("Got Crabs" from our wedding night NASCRAB comedy show adventures), and she immediately dropped the rings in her hands, and leaned forward towards his shirt, VERY INTENT on seeing the words. You could tell she really wanted to see what the heck they said. I've also noticed that if we're at church, and I have the program in my hands, she wants to try and "read" the pages. She also tries to read grocery lists, right before they go straight into her mouth for consumption. It is wild. I love it. I love seeing my girl so in love with words.

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