Monday, December 31, 2007

Contemplating writing a book

I've always had this nagging desire in my soul to someday write a book. Ever since I could talk, I was dictating books to my family, drawing the pictures, and writing sappy drama -filled stories about orphans and crazy stories in my E.T. notebook. I had the chance to write a short story in 7th grade, which I still own, and I also have a few notebooks of short stories that literally make me cringe when I re-read them.
Lately, I've wanted to write again. Something interesting. Something I know. I played with the idea of writing a children's book, or even a picture book about the adventures of Tboy and Sassy, wonder pets. But in the last few weeks, this thought has been in the back of my mind. I should write about what I know. And what I do know, very well, is infertility, and I know it from a need-for-an-egg donor perspective. Plus, the story of Mooshie and I is pretty interesting to people, or say I've heard.
I don't know. Should I? How should I? Any ideas? Any tips? Any thoughts? All I know is that when CJ and I were getting into the whole IVF and donor egg route of things, I was not able to find very many books upon my searches for couples like me.
Hmm. Just thinking out loud.


Bookerson said...

I have enjoyed your writing style and would think you could write a book.

I agree that their are not many books about youngish couples who need to move on to donor eggs. It seems that everything is written for people who are 40 plus. Not that their is anything wrong with is just not where I am. (I am just about to start my donor egg cycle!)

Sounds like an interesting idea!

The Town Criers said...

YES! Definitely. The angle I would come from is memoir--the story of Mooshie and you and how everything came together. I keep telling you that Oprah or People have to do a story on you two :-)

Here's the good part about non-fiction--you can get an agent and sell on proposal, which means that you can get a feel for whether you can sell the book BEFORE you complete the whole manuscript.

I'll help walk you through the steps if you want.


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