Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unofficial 7 month pics: our sick girl

Here they are, the "unofficial" 7 month pictures of "how we spent Keif's 7 month old birthday. Our poor girl. She is actually sleeping on CJ's chest in the 2nd picture, that is how she napped much of the past few days *sniff sniff*. Our poor sick girl. What a nasty bug she had.

"Ahh, yes, I may be sick, and refusing liquids, but I can still say "cheese!"
This frozen peach isn't too bad
Our poor girl. The weekend of sickies just didn't get much better. Last night, CJ and I force fed our girl some liquids, as she was loosing all the liquid in her body through her pooping escapades. Although the pictures of her on the couch with her favorite man (daddy, of course) make it LOOK as though she was all smiles, pictures can be deceiving. If anything, the camera made her smile , as she is our little poser.
Notice how Treble and Sass are on high alert for any droppings?

Anyways, after forcing liquids into her mouth the best we could (bottle and sucking on frozen fruit), she went to bed after drinking a small amount of formula. She awoke at 11 PM, screaming her little head off, and after a few minutes , it was apparent our girl had a horrible tummy ache. She was tooting like a marching band, but nothing was coming out. I did the bicycle legs, massaged her tummy, had her lay on my chest, everything you can imagine. CJ and I took turns trying to comfort her, but after almost 1 1/2 hours of pure screaming and crying, its enough to unnerve even the strongest of people. I suggested we try a bath, as she now loves her baths in her ducky tub, and that seemed to be the magic trick. She splashed and cooed and clicked her tongue at her daddy (*her new way to communicate (in a fun way) with us is to click her tongue, and she especially gets excited and does this specifically with CJ*). She went to sleep, again drinking a few ounces, then awoke at 5 AM. I fed her 4 ounces of formula, but she continued to scream for more; however, she hadn't drank anything more than 3 ounces of anything in the past 2 days. I gave in and made her some more bottle, because I didn't want to hear her scream and cry with hunger. Apparently that was not kind to her tummy, and she awoke at 8:30 AM this AM, having pooped through the 2 diapers we had wrapped her in, and then throwing up the rest of the contents of her stomach. That seemed to be the trick, and after this, she was in a great mood most of the day, and there have been no more shitting or vomiting episodes. She even managed to stomach a little bit of rice cereal at 2 different points of the day, and has had no fever.

Whew. Let's pray this is past and she is better this week and that mommy and daddy don't get this nasty bug. Mommy has a VERY busy week this week, working late on Tuesday for conferences, and having a after school/late night class on Wednesday.

** And in other news, Treble love has come shining through once again. We knew he was our silent protector of "his" baby, but last night proved that he is in this for the long haul along with us. When K started screaming at 11Pm last night, we walked by our closet, where he sleeps in his bed each night, and he was out of his bed, lying on the floor, clearly waiting for us to get up. Once we did, he followed us into the nursery, and curled up both under her crib, and then in the small doggie bed we keep in her closet (for times like these, and feedings, when they like to visit). He stayed in there the entire time she was upset, but once she calmed down for a bit, he left to go back to his own bed. Once she started screaming in pain again, he was a soldier and came back into the nursery to make sure things were OK and that if we needed him, he was there. *sigh*. My heart swells with love for this doggie. Our "boy", our "Tboy".


kristine said...

Poor girl. (and mommy & daddy, of course) I know how those episodes go. Hopefully it is all out of her system - literally!! Get better soon, Keifer! Oh and Happy 7 months!

cynner said...

She is so sweet! I love the pictures of her. Sounds like you guys have been fighting a nasty battle but have come through it like champs! Keep up the good work!


Michele (Moosh) said...

*choking back sobs*



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