Saturday, November 10, 2007

Puke and Poop

CJ and I have officially been initiated into parenthood. We've spent the past 48 hours dealing with puke and poop. Projectile puke and poop.

It all started Friday AM, around 1AM to be exact. We both awoke to a choking sound in the nursery- we rushed in to find our girl covered in vomit from head to toe. Sheets, sleep sack, sleeper, hair, body. You name it. We cleaned the best we could, gave her a sponge bath, and as she was getting ready to lay down, she threw up all over CJ's shoulder. We cleaned some more. Then we took turns holding her, as she could only sleep sitting/lying on us. It was a long, blurry night. She finally stopped throwing up around 7:45 AM on Friday, and CJ ran to get some Pedialyte for our girl. She managed to stomach that in 20 ml. increments, every 20 minutes for the whole AM. She had a fever, and stomached the Tylenol OK.

Last night, she had a restless night and would only drink 2-3 ounces of Pedialyte and a wee bit of formula for us. She slept in, and I gave her a bath this AM. She seemed so happy, splashing around and cooing to mama. As I laid her on the towel, freshly bathed, bum exposed for the air to dry, I ran down to get another small bottle. What I came back to will haunt me for days.

"SHIT!" I yelled to CJ, who was sleeping in. He wasn't happy I beckoned to him.

Shit everywhere. I honestly have NEVER seen a bigger pile of shit in my life - especially from a baby. A huge, steaming, stinky batch of it sat on the towel, under our girl, who was concentrating fiercely on the....."NO!" : the projectile shit. The loose kind that squirts all over - thank God for Bumpers. And thank God for Oxyclean.
All cleaned up, she seemed OK this AM, a bit quieter than usual. Uh oh, took her temp around noon today and it was back up to 100. 7. After that, she managed to give me another poopy diaper that riveled the pile this AM. She took a long snooze on her daddy's chest, and awoke smiling and chipper. We placed her in the Exersaucer, when 20 minutes later, I smelled the foulest oder. Ahhh, yes. Our girl had managed to shit through her onsie sleeper, and it covered her back, her legs, her feet. The saucer. And no worries, Allison, it has been bleached beyond belief at this point. Keifer watched me clean it, happily cooing to her rattle and trying to eat anything within her reach.

As a teacher, I read simple books to my kids at work. I have a few handmade books, that have different 'themes" - apples, leaves, pumpkins, hearts. They are called "Pumpkins Everywhere", etc.., and have pictures of pumpkins et al. positioned in different places- ex: Pumpkins by the barn, pumpkins by the chair, pumpkins by the hat, pumpkins EVERYWHERE". I usually end each book dramatically with my arms opened wide, gesturing "Everywhere", as I encourage the kids to "read" along with me. This AM, I was laughing to myself, so sly, as I muttered, "shit EVERYWHERE".

*sigh* But through it all, our girl has maintained the best disposition. After her first two throwing up episodes the other night, she literally stopped crying and grinned up at us, as if to say "hey, what ya'll doin' in my crib so late?".


cynner said...

She is so sweet! and I am LMAO at your "shit EVERYWHERE" story. :)

Kerry said...

So impressed that you made it this long without having to post a story like this. Hope K is feeling better.


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