Saturday, November 03, 2007

My first sign language signs!

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Keifer made mommy get teary-eyed tonight! She's not even 7 months old, and she's already signing "more" for us! We've been doing sign language with her since she started eating, and its really hard to tell if she's catching on or what. She always "seems" to be such an observant girl, soaking it all in wherever she is. I guess she is learning! She seemed pretty proud of herself, moving her little hands together! *sigh*. My heart could burst!

Last weekend, I could've sworn she said "Nana" to one of her Nanas when we were all together, and now I'm thinking maybe she really DID say Nana!! What a smarty pants!

Here she is this morning, watching "Baby Signing Time" with daddy on his lap. We've been recording them off of PBS, and she was laughing out loud at the babies on the show. Who knows? Maybe she really IS soaking it up for future use!

If you'd like to see all 3 video clips of her tonight when she is signing "more", click HERE


Missy said...

Yay for signing! "More" was Alex's first sign, too and I was also so excited I started crying and whipped out the video camera. We ended up buying the whole First Season of Signing Time and love it. I stopped keeping track when Alex knew over 100 signs and used them regularly at just about 18 months old.

Now at just over 2 years old he's walking around spelling and signing his name for people, and he knows all his letters and most numbers, and a lot of that is because of signing! Definitely keep it up!

kristine said...

That is super exciting. Graycen's first sign was "all done" she does "more" all of the time now. She even does it when she wants something to begin with and hasn't even had any yet! I have yet to get a video of it and know I need to super soon before it's not nearly as cute. She does the sign and also says "moe" I love it!! Yay Keifer!!


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