Wednesday, November 21, 2007

*cough cough* *eat eat*

Keifer's newest thing to mimic is the cough or sneeze. Elaine (daycare) told me yesterday, that whenever someone else coughed (for real) Keifer would pretend to cough as well.
This AM, I sneezed and she watched me, seconds before attempting to "cough", just like she thought mama did. This girl is funny.

The other night, our girl joined us for dinner. She hasn't been eating her baby food very well, especially since she was just so sick. However, Monday night CJ picked up a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes at Cub, and I spontaneously gave our girl some mashed 'taters, and a sliver of chicken. She loved it!
I told Elaine yesterday to try some soft foods with her at daycare, and apparently she loved the bread during lunch! I guess our girl is bypassing baby foods, and going straight for the good stuff. Well, if you had tortilla soup pretty much every darn day in utero, wouldn't YOU want the good stuff, too? Hee hee. Our girl is gonna have turkey dinner with us tomorrow! YAY!

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