Thursday, November 29, 2007

Belated Thanksgiving Pictures

Our little turkey's first Thanksgiving Day - complete with homage to the Pilgrims (no, its not a chef hat, Wieb!)
The Soup family Thanksgiving picture trying to hold her own bottle
Mama enjoys trying out the Maya wrap (thanks, Jen! Again!)
Uncle & Abbers
Auntie Wanda reads one of our fave stories
Before my turkey dinner of turkey, beans, mashed 'taters, fruit, bread.....
... and after, unwinding with a little practice on our sippy cup (*a not very succesful try, but we're working on it*)
Laughing her cute little butt off at Abby

*Click HERE for the dropshot video clip version*

Hoping you were as lucky as we were to spend time with those you love!

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