Wednesday, November 14, 2007

7 months old!

Ahh, what is THIS?

Our big girl is so much fun!

Here is our belated 7 month photo shoot, due to her sickies she was experiencing. Although she isn't feeling 100%, she still did her happy girl smiles and giggles for mommy and the camera.

Keifer usually enjoys eating (not so much this week) and is beginning to prefer her fruits over her veggies (I knew that would happen). The other night we tried introducing Puffs, but she didn't know what to think of them, and I'll try again when she is feeling better. We also tried whole yogurt with some fruit mixed in, but she got sick during the night and that was the last time we tried that - until she feels better!

K is able to sign "more" in sign language (maybe you've seen her dropshot video of her doing it? its' so cute!). The only TV we let her watch (officially) is "Baby Signing Time" that we DVRed and she honestly seems enthralled by it. She tries talking to the babies! Mama and daddy like to sing along w/the songs and try to teach her the songs with the sign. She'll just watch for now!

She loves the kids and daycare and our provider, Elaine. She couldn't ask for better pals there - she is constantly getting attention and I'm sure that's where she's learning her vocal abilities. She tries to initiate conversations with us ALL the time - and lately it's been by clicking her tongue - then when we look at her, she'll giggle. Daddy taught her that trick!
She LOVES her daddy -when she was sick, it was all mommy time but daddy makes her light up like no other.

She is only able to sit alone for a few seconds at a time - I guess when you're off the charts size wise (!!!!) and your head and body are sooooo heavy it's tough to manage. We're working on it. She loves the jumper and the Exersaucer we borrowed from a friend -it keeps her entertained forever!

Keifer is starting to tell the puppies to be quiet! HA! She has picked up on Chris and I, I guess. When the dogs start in on the howling and barking during their daily neighborhood crime patrol, she'll start "yelling" at them - it is too funny - I"ll try to get a video of it. She gets serious and means business!

Sager is a bit leery of her, as she's had her ears pulled a few times. Treble has been OK so far with her - he sure was worried about her when she was sick!

She is chattering away like no other - tons of new sounds and new spitting techniques being worked on daily. She loves to do raspberries, and is beginning to really say "mama" and "dada" but we're not sure if it's with intent so far. We "think" maybe she meant mama the other morning, but we're not sure. We're also thinking she "may" have said "Nana" at one point to her nana's a few weeks ago. We'll see.

K is sleeping through the night still. She typically puts herself to bed around 6:30 PM and is sleeping 11 or so hours. She seems to be sleeping more contently with the help of a sleep sack, which makes her warm and cozy. Apparently our girl likes to be cozy in bed (just like she used to be swaddled?)

She LOVES her books and music beyond belief. She especially loves this new Fisher Price Nursery Rhyme "CD" player thing - it sings a few nursery rhymes and makes the animal noise and she laughs and laughs at it.

Our big girl is now in size 12-18 month clothes, or 18 months, and mama is having a hard time keeping her dressed! LOL. she is going thru clothes like water! Whew - thank goodness for hand me downs so far!

Here is her "after" picture response to that sign behind her! LOL. Enjoy!

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