Sunday, October 21, 2007

Watch me drinking water like a big girl!

I read somewhere that instead of immediately introducing the sippy cup, you should try introducing an open cup and see what happens. Also, when feeding solids, you should use some water in between bites to help digestion of the solids and to get the child used to drinking. So, I dove in and started with the open cup and water, and oh my goodness! Our girl just LOVES to try and drink water like a big girl! She immediately grabs (as you will see) the cup when we take it out and its so amazing to watch the wheels in her head working, as she bites/gums the edge of the cup, trying to figure out how to get that water in her mouth. And her favorite food so far? PEAS! *ewww, says mama, holding her nose*. She isn't really digging anything too sweet, which is a surprise but a pleasant one! LOL. Enjoy our big girl.

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1 comment:

cynner said...

What a big girl!


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