Friday, October 26, 2007

Musing on my favorite M's: Music & Movies

Some of my favorite music to listen to has been sparked thanks to some excellent movie soundtracks. Ever since I was little, I've frequently gotten the movie soundtracks to many of the movies I've enjoyed: Annie, E.T., Footloose (the first album I ever bought MYSELF!), Dream a Little Dream, La Bamba (which sparked my interest for one full summer in 1950's music and Buddy Holly), Blow, Dazed and Confused, Dumb and Dumber, Wayne's World (who didn't love the Ballroom Blitz?), The Lost Boys (the two Corey's were my crushes), Dream a Little Dream, and so on (you get the idea). In the past few years, I've found that a few of the movie soundtracks are the ones I reach for first when I'm picking out music to drive to: Garden State and Almost Famous. From those two soundtracks, I've developed a huge appreciation for The Shins, whom I probably never would have listened to or heard before (since my favorite alternative station has been changed), and as well as Simon and Garfunkel. I vaguely remember enjoying "Cecilia" when I was younger, but man oh man, do I LOVE this music! Garden State has "the Only Living Boy in New York" on it, and Almost Famous has "America". I had my Dad get me their greatest hits, and Keifer and I often listened to it this summer, and we listen to it in the car.
Driving into work this AM, I was smiling at my precious angel girl in the back seat. Some may see it differently, but I honestly believe that she is attempting to SING back there! I can see her beautiful face in the mirror we have up on our back seat, so we can monitor her, and she is always half-lying sideways, head cocked towards the window, looking out. Her little mouth is always open and she's attempting to make these continuous vocalizations, which are different than her normal squeals and monster/dinosaur sounds. She really seemed to like the boys this AM, and it made me laugh.
On another note, holy cats - were Art and Paul on some major drugs when they wrote those songs? LOL. Who else can write, sing and market great songs that revolve around
food spices, being At the Zoo, or muse that a bow tie is really a camera? I'm not one for drugs, but listening to these lyrics makes me imagine how great of a trip they obviously had! LOL.

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kristine said...

your last paragraph made me laugh - out loud!!! I must also say soundtracks are WONDERFUL for driving music!!! I am guessing your favorite alternative station was Drive 105? That was my fave station and I am soooooo bummed it has been changed to Love105 :(


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