Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just MONKEYin' around.......Keif's first Halloween!

Hi! Nana and mommy call me monkey butt, monkey girl, and pumpkin butt. Since mommy's friend had a monkey outfit, I told her that I should be a monkey, since I've been working on my screeching (like a monkey) skills lately. I'm starting to really like banana's, and am also learning how to really move around like a wild monkey. ~~ Keifer Lynn, October 31, 2007, her first Halloween

It's our Princess Girl's first Halloween, and she has NO idea it is even happening around her. It was quite the sweat fest *aka struggle* to get this outfit on her last night for pictures, so I doubt we'll be putting it on again tonight. We do have an adorable one piece outerwear that has puppy ears, so that might be our "visit the neighbors" outfit tonight.
THANK YOU to Jodes from my mommy board for the adorable monkey outfit!

No photo session can officially start without kisses from Sass


kristine said...

such a cute monkey!!!

Emilie said...

Just adorable!

Laura said...

Carrie... OMG, she is the cutest monkey I've ever seen!!

Missy said...

Seriously she is the cutest monkey ever! :)


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