Thursday, September 06, 2007

Toe toe, suck your toe...........

Remember that chant, when you were little?
"Something, something, suck your toes, all the way to Mexico........"

I'm blanking out on it,but I always think of that when I see Keifer trying to put her feet/toes in her mouth.

Last week, when I went to wake her up, she had her one foot in her mouth. LOL. She is obsessed with constantly grabbing her feet/toes. I love to put fun socks on her, so she becomes fascinated by them. The baby legs are fun for her, too, to see the fun colors on her legs.

She has officially become a roll-over girl - from her back to her front - about once a night for us. Elaine (Daycare) said yesterday she didn't want to nap, as she was chatting and laughing all afternoon, and starting to roll all over. She uses her feet to push her body around, too. Our little girl is becoming big and strong.

Tuesday morning, I could've sworn she talked to me! Every morning, when I go in to get her up and dressed (because we know she's up, lying in her crib, chatting to herself and grabbing her feet, or thumping her little legs all over - *THUMP THUMP*), I say "good morning" in a sing-song voice. Well, Tuesday morning, she vocalized a 2 syllable sound back to me, with the SAME type of intonation to me - so I say she is saying "good morning" back to me! LOL. Ahh, my girl. I'm literally obsessed with her. When I 'm at work all day, her face is in my mind's eye, and my stomach is all nerves, eager to rush to daycare to pick her up. I just want to gobble her up -her deliciousness of her being.


Kristine said...

Very cute! It's fun watching them discover more things..

FYI.. I think it was "so, so suck your toe.." wasn't it?

Soupy said...

You are right! It WAS so so suck your toe! LOL


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