Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chatty Keifer - talk talk talk, I'm a talking machine

Lately, wherever we go, whatever we do, Keifer is a non-stop talking machine. She is enjoying playing with the sounds in her throat and is making her "roar" sounds, her fake coughs quite a bit, and this "ahhhh" monologue that you'll see in this video clip. This is what we wake up to on a good AM, when she is so happy and has slept a full night. I love to listen to her like this on our way to daycare in the morning, and on our way home at night. I always tell her she is telling mama all about her day with her friends at daycare.

Her friends at daycare just LOVE her. Last week, Keifer "supposedly" (*LOL*) kept up 4 year old Olivia with her talking and laughing and WANTING to play during nap time. Elaine (daycare provider) begged to differ with Olivia.

And little Ava, on two separate occasions now, has asked me what exactly it is that I've put in Keifer's hair to make it stand up the way it does. LOL. I love kids. The best part (thank goodness) is everyday when I walk in to pick up Keifer, barely able to contain myself with the excitement of seeing my girl to take her home, is watching her laugh and giggle with the older children. She is usually sitting up high on the snack table, in her Bumbo, cooing away and throwing her favorite item, the teething ring, aside, so some helpful 3 or 4 year old can retrieve it. It is so sweet to see the interactions, and it makes my heart sing with joy.

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My three favorite "kids" lined up playing - when the fur kids get excited/happy, they chew their nylabones, so here they are, so excited to have Keifer home, and mama down on the ground to play with. I just thought it was a cool unintentional line up - like a rainbow!

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