Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rollin' with my homies...........

Rollin' with my homies........does anybody else appreciate this? LOL. Ahhh........not-so-subtle slip-ins of movie trivia.....

Here's mama's new wheels - and Keifer's new car seat! What a fun weekend of NEW THINGS!
We had a fun time picking up our new car Friday night, then yesterday I got my hair cut and colored again (I have to damage my hair with colors and body perms to get any type of body in it, ugg, pathetic). This AM, Keifer and I hit church, and then had a late lunch at Champps with two of my good friends, and former co-workers, Linda and Sue. Linda and Sue are the best: they even gave Keifer some new books- her favorite new thing to CHEW ON! LOL. Keifer Lynn is such a lucky girl: she has special aunties who love her everywhere she goes!

Ohh, this paper looks good enough to eat! (so she stuck it in her mouth!)


Kristine said...

fun, fun, fun!! I must say, I just LOVE your hair! It's exactly what I wish I could do to mine - unfortunately, my hair is way too coarse and frizzy!

Piccinigirl said...

Nice wheels sweetie and I love your hair!!!!!
so glad you had fun.


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