Sunday, September 02, 2007

I love my other Papa & Nana, too

Nana Marge is fun
Last weekend, Keifer's OTHER Papa and Nana spent the weekend with us, as it was cousin Mason's 3rd birthday last Monday. We had a great time just hanging out with the family, and they loved spending time with their precious youngest grandchild. They babysat Mason on Saturday, so they brought him over to hang out here, and he was just such a joy. We celebrated his birthday and Nana's as well on Sunday, and had a BBQ lunch and yummy chocolate cake.

Earlier Sunday morning, Nana and I took Keifer to church, for her 2nd time. We've been really slacking on actually getting TO church this summer, and I feel guilty. However, I know God knows He is on our mind, and hopefully once we get into more of a routine with school and work, we'll be able to get our lazy butts going on Sunday mornings. Keifer did so great at church - she sat the whole hour on either my or Nana's laps, eating, looking around, TOOTING *LOL*, and looking at her books. She is a hoot with her books lately - she is trying to grab the book in her hands, almost like she wants to hold them, and she gets so excited with her little facial expressions (*oh oh oh *). She sometimes looks like she wants to read the book, because she starts leaning down into the book like she's studying something really good, and her little hand starts flapping on the pages, and she sometimes looks like she wants to turn the pages. I'm sure soon enough she'll actually be doing this for real, but until then, we love to laugh and giggle at her attempted actions.
Her cousin Abby continues to be so in love with her, while Mason really could care less. I'm sure in a few years, when she's running around whooping it up with him, he'll think she's a little bit cooler. LOL.
Abby & Mason, hanging out. Are they cute, or what?

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