Sunday, September 30, 2007

Duckie tub - Quack quack quack

We broke out the Duck Tub last night - and it was a success! YAY! Keifer appeared to enjoy the ability to stretch out and splash a bit in her new duckie tub. She wasn't being sprayed down with the water nozzle, and she actually let out some belly giggles as she was being washed. *Whew - big sigh of relief*. When mommy was little, she didn't like her hair being washed, and supposedly it took 2 people to wash HER hair, so she was a wee bit nervous Keifer would be just like that. Sitting up certainly changes perspective on the whole bathing experience. Sassy Sager made sure that Keifer was safe the entire tub time, and sat with her paws up on the edge, making sure that if any licks were able to be had, they were. Keifer was happy for that. LOL. (*on a side note, Treble was mighty confused about why this big, yellow inflatable thing was quacking at him!*)

1 comment:

Jennifer Prince said...

She is such a cutie pie! I just love her!!!


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