Saturday, September 08, 2007

Big girl in her Bumbo

Here's our duck-haired girl - looking like the angel she is - sleeping hard last night in her crib. We are so darn lucky, she goes to bed every night between 6:30 and 7:00 PM, and all we do is feed her, rock her, and cuddle her for a bit on our chests. I myself like to feel her warm body draped on mine (draped, because she is so big), sleeping soundly, smelling that baby smell of lotion, formula breath, and a tinge of diaper cream. *sigh*. She is sleeping about 11 hours straight each night, and wakes us up in the morning with her chatter. I love to hear it (although I'd prefer she had mommy's hours of sleep and like to sleep in! LOL)

This AM, she loved hanging out on the counter while I cooked my egg beaters. She loves to be up high, looking around and banging on the Bumbo chair and things that might be around her (such as her can of Formula!). Do we have a future drummer on our hands? Perhaps? Maybe it's all that rock music mommy played/plays for her in the car! *hee hee*.

This morning, we visited our school district's Early Childhood Family education program's "baby shower" that they have - which is more like an open house, inviting new parents to the classroom. I knew all about this program, as I work in Early Childhood Special education, and have spent many hours withing the early childhood classrooms. I love this program, but unfortunately, because I work full time, I'm not able to bring Keifer to the classes they provide, which are typically during the work week. *sad face*. CJ and I talked, and maybe he'll take Keif when she is a bit older to the Family education's "Daddy and Me" classes - which are daddy and child classes. That will be fun for both of them to look forward to their night together.

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