Sunday, August 19, 2007

Update to "Why did we name her Keifer?" post

A few weeks back, you'll recall, I wrote to the Jacquelyn Mitchard, the author of "A Theory of Relativity", because that is the book I found the name "Keefer" in.

Jackie Mitchard wrote back to me, and surprise of all surprise, she offered me copies of that particular book, signed to Keifer, as well as the collection of the children's books she has written.

They arrived last week! You would've thought we had been visited by the author herself, I was so damn excited! LOL. She is wonderful! She personally signed each book on the inside "to Kiefer", (yes, spelled the backwards way, but who cares! LOL). And best of all, she generously sent a hardcover copy of "A Theory of Relativity", signed "To Kiefer, a real keeper"; this will go in Keifer's book collection, along with the others, and she'll know the story of what a keeper she is in due time.

How cool is this?

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