Thursday, August 23, 2007

Return to Reality: First day of Daycare

*insert crying face here*

It was Keifer's first day of in-home daycare today. Mommy was a mess. Well, I held it together quite well, considering I hardly slept last night. CJ and I got up this AM, to the sounds of our angel girl talking to herself in her crib - she had miraculously slept 12 hours, around the clock, and was happy to be awake. I dressed her and fed her some bottle, and we packed up for our first trip to daycare.
Lovin' on my girl before we leave for Daycare
We dropped her off with Elaine, and we knew she was in great hands, and she'd be OK.

Of course, that didn't stop the tears from flowing as soon as I pulled out of the driveway and drove back home. *sigh*. But I pulled myself together, and I came home and napped for 2 hours (and proceeded to have nightmares, LOL).

I went into work around noon (unpaid, mind you) and sweated my arse off while unpacking boxes (they moved us back to our old school, but our stuff is all in boxes). I picked up Keifer at 3:45, and was so excited to see my girl, only to have her not give me her typical happy-go-lucky smile. *sad face*. She apparently had a fussy morning, and didn't really want to eat or sleep for Elaine, but she had a better afternoon. It was fun to see the other kids in her daycare, and the best was the 6 year old girl telling me her and her friend played house, and Keifer and the 1 year old, Gracie, were their "babies". Keif will be getting lots of love on her there, which is nice. CJ and I also like that Elaine focuses on manners and respect within her daycare -when I was there, the kids had to request to be excused from the table (even at snack time): "may I be excused?". We really like that, as we want Keifer to grow up learning to respect her elders and the people she's around. Plus, Elaine has been doing daycare for 30 years, and I have faith she knows alot more about infant care than I do!

Keif came home and practiced her side skillz - she still hasn't rolled either way (front to back, back to front) but we'll get there!
We have tomorrow off, and I'm taking her into our school's pancake breakfast (served by our new Principal), to show off my girl to the staff I'll be working with. Of course, I already have her outfit picked out *hee hee*. Then, my dreaded "return to work full-time" officially begins on Monday. To say I am sad about this is an understatement, but I know that Keifer will be fine in daycare, and I also know that I'm doing a job that is serving children and families, and I love doing it. It is stressful much of the time, but I'm learning now to not take that stress back into my home. Now that I have Keifer (and CJ and the fur kids) its a lot easier to drop things at the door and come home, eager to love on my family and just enjoy them, every day.

Treble loves his girl, too. Or maybe he loves something she spit up? LOL

He also loves her dirty burp cloth (yes, he dragged this over with his bone!)


Kristine said...

I don't know how you feel but can imagine how you feel. I know it would be hard to leave Graycen for daycare. Heck - I had one hard time leaving her with the sitter for a couple of hours so David and I could go see a movie..and the sitter was nana!! I didn't even make it down the steps in front of her house before I started crying. It's tough..but a good thing!

Kristine said...

I also forgot to say..Graycen didn't roll over either way until she was 6 months old. It happens...all in their own time.


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