Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pretty Baby

Keifer & I went to my chiropractic appointment today and hit Target (I like to say "Tar-shjay boutique") afterwards and she managed to fall asleep to the swaying of the cart as I sped it around the Greatland. I must have looked approachable today, or Keifer must have looked ESPECIALLY adorable, because almost every aisle we hit, we had people smiling at us and I had 3 separate people/parties comment on Keifer. One older couple asked me how old she was, a middle-aged construction worker asked me how old she was as well, and I had a little boy (around 5 or so) ask me to see my baby. I said it was OK to touch her foot, as she was sleeping *giggle* and his mom thanked me for allowing him to do that. LOL. I mean, I AM bias, but I've never had people asking me how old she is! *sigh* My gorgeous angel; Mommy loves you so.

1 comment:

Piccinigirl said...

oh Keifer you're a STAR already. So loved by everyone, including Auntie Kir :)


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